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Y HALLO THAR. It has been five months since my last journal entry. O_O And since I slept all day and therefore cannot sleep now - when it is dark and all of the non-vampires are sleeping - I decided a quarter till one would be a GREAT time for a McGee New Year. That's like a regular new year, except you just pretend its a new year so you can make resolutions. :p

Tonight I'm making a pact with myself that I will post more often to this journal. I really need to learn how to communicate in more than 144 character increments, acronyms, or hilarious internet memes. I haven't written anything decent in so long and I'm hoping that at least committing to a damn journal entry once a day will get the juices flowing again, so to speak.

I've been doing a lot of thinking lately about why I'm so unhappy all the time and the question keeps coming up, what would make me happy? What does make me happy? And I don't know. I really don't.

So I'm asking you. What makes you happy?
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1. Check Tumblr until I'm caught up. Then check it again because there will be new posts. Get caught in this endless loop until oops, the sun is going down and I haven't eaten anything fuck where are my children

2. Organize the metric tons of photos I have recently saved containing one, Michael Fassbender's, gorgeous ginger beard. And forearms of sexiness. And FLAWLESS FLAWLESS BACK. JESUS I HAVE NEVER SEEN A BACK SO FLAWLESS. NOT A SINGLE FLAW WAS MADE THE DAY THAT MAN'S BACK WAS CREATED.

3. Try not to watch Fish Tank for the 4th time in 2 days. Prediction: Absolute Failure.

4. Write something for Daisy. Write something for the combat_jack kink meme. Write Charles/Eric for 1stclasskinkmeme or more likely, Fassbender/McAvoy porn. Probably not get any of this done, but sit around thinking about how dreamy Fassbender's face is and how gay Charles and Eric are for each other and how LIFE'S NOT FAIR.

5. When all this is done: eat, make dinner, do laundry.
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Random four AM "fisting" which I have never wrote before? SURE, WHY THE H-E-DOUBLE HOCKEY STICKS NOT?

Dirty Mind, Filthy Ways
2408 words

Brad's trying to bathe his ape in Ray's milky way or something )
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You Know I'm Just Your Type (1088 words) by faviconohmcgee
Fandom: Generation Kill
Rating: Explicit
Warning: Author Chose Not To Use Archive Warnings
Relationships: Brad Colbert/Ray Person, Brad/Ray, Ray/Brad, Ray Person/Brad Colbert
Characters: Brad Colbert, Ray Person

This is how they flirt.

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Lols, I love all of them. This is GREAT.
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 Failed spectacularly at the whole diet thing today.

1st failure: Cheese danish at little bakery next door to the thrift store I go to.

2nd failure: Not eating lunch. :(

3rd failure: Mountain Dew

THENNNNN went with my sister to watch her husband and his friend play some of their songs at the open mic night deal, had cheesesticks and ordered a mountain dew with TWO refills.

Exercise? NOPE.   Wow, typing all of that out makes it seem even WORSE. Whatever, I'll walk two miles tomorrow and eat tofu all day. Or something.

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Chopped mah hair off today. I don't know how many inches. Many, I suppose. It was touching the small of my back when it was down. Sometimes I go a long time between hair cuts. So this time I got choppy layers and I LOFF it. And I might be dying it black tonight & my hair is already a daaark dark dark brown, so it won't be much of a change, but whatever.

Pictures? Pictures. )

Crappy webcam pictures are crappy. Umm. Sorry for the cleavage, tambien.

In other news, internet time has been scarce for me lately because of assorted things happening in real life. I feel like I've been living at my kids' school and only visiting my home rather than the way it should work. I had to talk to the principle and bus driver about an incident that happened where an older kid "made" my 5 year old and another little boy her age kiss on the school bus. So I had to deal with that and get that taken care of. Also dealing with: the suggestion that my seven year old may have Aspergers. Or she just might be a weirdo. Or possibly a tiny genius. Or idk, my clone. Conference with her teacher on Friday to discuss some things about that. Doctor's appointment tomorrow because today she screamed during class saying her ear hurt and is running a fever. Adkfjd;lakdfjlkd

ALSO I'm attempting to lose weight/be more active/generally live a healthier lifestyle, so after doing a bit of cardio, walking in the afternoon, going to the school, and cooking (did not do so much of that before lols) that doesn't leave much time for piddling about on the internets.

All in all, I am fucking proud of myself for actually, ya know, DEALING with all this shit. I'm dealing with it, ya'll. I'M DEALING LIKE A BOSS. They should hand out awards or something.

And now I go help my sister make baby shower invitations for someone I don't know. There should be a class I can take on how to say NO.
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GK gals, let me pick your pretty little brains for a sec. So, I know Brad did two tours in Iraq. Does anyone know when exactly his second tour was? I'm pretty sure I knew this at some point, but hell if I can remember/find the correct information now.


Community was kind of blah for me tonight, anyone else? Superficially, I enjoyed the hell out of Joel McHale in all black and his hair was extra pretty, but other than that it kind of screamed "I think this line's mostly filler," to me. Oh well, they can't all be paintball apocalypses or epic blanket fort episodes.
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Culoo Culay! I have returneded.

I'm trying to write, but I seem to be stuck at a yellow light on the road to creativity, insofar that I can think of tons of super awesome things to write about! Its the turning that idea into more than brain ramblings that I can't seem to do. Ah well.

I have just watched The Takers. Wait, was it The Takers or just Takers? IDK.

Thoughts )

I think I'm done rambling now. I'm going to go and try to write some more of that always a girl!Brad/always a girl!Ray femmeslash that I've been thinking about all day. That or put in one of the 12,000 variations of The Fast and the Furious, except for Tokyo Drift. That shit was weak.

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I know politicians go to some weird/low places in their ads, kissing babies and the like, but I was listening to the radio on the way home and I think this is my favorite one. This dude running for Governor had his mommy do a radio ad for him.

My favorite part was when she said, "I taught my Rick good values and morals. And sometimes I did it with a yard stick!"
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Oh, Internet. I miss you. Like you have no idea.

Apparently I slept through the weekend (yaaay side effects from new meds) and I've been sitting with my mom this week, which means watching a lot of JAG and if my Dad's anywhere in the vicinity, a lot of Fox News. I swear to fuck, if I hear the term "agenda" one more time my EARS are going to throw up.

And icing on the cake, my laptop finally died, I guess. Its not the power cable or the battery, its the freaking metal connector that you plug the power cord into. So basically, I'm fucked until I can get myself a new laptop, which...will not be any time soon.

I've been watching more and more West Wing and finishing what I never watched of the Sarah Connor Chronicles -- GOD, I love that show. I think I never finished watching it because I wanted it to last forever. Which is probably why I haven't watched Mad Men yet.

And people are staring over my shoulder now! BYE.
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I have an actual The Social Network review/spam post to make later, but I'm adhd so this is happening first. )
Things I like about this picture:

1. Jesse and Andrew being adorbcakes.

2. Jesse being in love with Andrew.

3. Andrew's squinchy face of epic cuteness.

4. Justin's ass. How is it so...round and tiny and perfect. Idk.

5. My icon is irrelevant. I need a Garfield/Eisenberg/Timberlake's ass icon, apparently. 


via hemorgasm on tumblr.
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inspired by the pretty blonde

To the first five people who comment to this post, I will gift you with something of my own crafting. It may be an icon, a manip, a drawing, a ficlet, or something completely random. You may love it or you may think it sucks, but regardless, it will be made with love for you from me. ;) Feel free to give me a hint of what you might like (ship, character, actor/actress, fandom, color, etc).
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Seriously, what is going on with me? I have never enjoyed Megan Fox.

But I am enjoying the hell out of this.
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 So like, apparently this week wasn't done curbstomping the SHIT out of me.

Read more... )

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hellcats )

terriers )

Random shit:

1. Every morning when I get home from taking my kids to school I'm just glad that my house didn't catch fire while I was gone. EVERY DAY.

2. My mom is home from the hospital and is doing better. Hurray!

3. There have been way too many sad stories about kids/teens getting bullied and committing suicide lately and its making it hard for me to STOP CRYING. Stupid world, stop being stupid. :(

4. Related: My dad literally has Foxnews on 24/7. When I visited my mom in the hospital, he had the room tv on foxnews. I went to visit last night, Foxnews. Its like he's afraid if he turns the channel he'll miss the next big thing he should be scared of. And THAT'S frightening. 

5. I should eat something, hm?

6. Someone write me Brad being ridic possessive of Ray. Like, getting super possessive when other people (men or ladies) even LOOK at Ray, and if they touch him at all Brad goes NUTS.

An hour later...

7. Still haven't eaten. *gets on that before she passes out*



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