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Culoo Culay! I have returneded.

I'm trying to write, but I seem to be stuck at a yellow light on the road to creativity, insofar that I can think of tons of super awesome things to write about! Its the turning that idea into more than brain ramblings that I can't seem to do. Ah well.

I have just watched The Takers. Wait, was it The Takers or just Takers? IDK.

Hold on. Do you know what I love? Idris Elba. Do you know what else I love? Teeny tiny black boxer briefs. Do you know what this movie had? IDRIS ELBA IN TEENY TINY BLACK BOXER BRIEFS. HENCE, I LOVE THIS MOVIE.

Other things happened. Probably.

Umm, Paul Walker was smoking hot in it.


Tongue OMFG.

No, but I did enjoy it. You know, for a silly shoot-em-up action type movie. They all seemed really close, which was nice. And I enjoyed the personal touches to their lives. Gordon and Naomi, Jake and Lilly. The scene with Jake and his brother was epic. And man, they were all so shaken about AJ. D: They really cared about him, like a family. That shoot-em up scene between them and the Russians was sick, btw. I knew the adorable bb boy was going to get it. POOR AJ. D:

BUT MOST IMPORTANTLY, I ship Gordon/John. There's a lot of eye fucking going on there, guys. I WANT IT AND THERE IS NO FIC. This...does not surprise me. Why do I always do this.

Also, I kind of had this mindflash of a Rocknrolla/Takers crossover, shipping Handsome Bob/AJ. Handsome Bob would like the pretty boys, I think. The pretty boys who know how the fuck to handle themselves, like AJ. And One-Two would be absolutely jealous, of course, but he'd flirt with Lilly to make up for it, and Mumbles would hit on John. Okay its not so much a crossover as I took characters I liked and mashed them together. For fun. 

I think I'm done rambling now. I'm going to go and try to write some more of that always a girl!Brad/always a girl!Ray femmeslash that I've been thinking about all day. That or put in one of the 12,000 variations of The Fast and the Furious, except for Tokyo Drift. That shit was weak.

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