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Oh, Internet. I miss you. Like you have no idea.

Apparently I slept through the weekend (yaaay side effects from new meds) and I've been sitting with my mom this week, which means watching a lot of JAG and if my Dad's anywhere in the vicinity, a lot of Fox News. I swear to fuck, if I hear the term "agenda" one more time my EARS are going to throw up.

And icing on the cake, my laptop finally died, I guess. Its not the power cable or the battery, its the freaking metal connector that you plug the power cord into. So basically, I'm fucked until I can get myself a new laptop, which...will not be any time soon.

I've been watching more and more West Wing and finishing what I never watched of the Sarah Connor Chronicles -- GOD, I love that show. I think I never finished watching it because I wanted it to last forever. Which is probably why I haven't watched Mad Men yet.

And people are staring over my shoulder now! BYE.
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