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Random shit:

1. Every morning when I get home from taking my kids to school I'm just glad that my house didn't catch fire while I was gone. EVERY DAY.

2. My mom is home from the hospital and is doing better. Hurray!

3. There have been way too many sad stories about kids/teens getting bullied and committing suicide lately and its making it hard for me to STOP CRYING. Stupid world, stop being stupid. :(

4. Related: My dad literally has Foxnews on 24/7. When I visited my mom in the hospital, he had the room tv on foxnews. I went to visit last night, Foxnews. Its like he's afraid if he turns the channel he'll miss the next big thing he should be scared of. And THAT'S frightening. 

5. I should eat something, hm?

6. Someone write me Brad being ridic possessive of Ray. Like, getting super possessive when other people (men or ladies) even LOOK at Ray, and if they touch him at all Brad goes NUTS.

An hour later...

7. Still haven't eaten. *gets on that before she passes out*



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