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1. Check Tumblr until I'm caught up. Then check it again because there will be new posts. Get caught in this endless loop until oops, the sun is going down and I haven't eaten anything fuck where are my children

2. Organize the metric tons of photos I have recently saved containing one, Michael Fassbender's, gorgeous ginger beard. And forearms of sexiness. And FLAWLESS FLAWLESS BACK. JESUS I HAVE NEVER SEEN A BACK SO FLAWLESS. NOT A SINGLE FLAW WAS MADE THE DAY THAT MAN'S BACK WAS CREATED.

3. Try not to watch Fish Tank for the 4th time in 2 days. Prediction: Absolute Failure.

4. Write something for Daisy. Write something for the combat_jack kink meme. Write Charles/Eric for 1stclasskinkmeme or more likely, Fassbender/McAvoy porn. Probably not get any of this done, but sit around thinking about how dreamy Fassbender's face is and how gay Charles and Eric are for each other and how LIFE'S NOT FAIR.

5. When all this is done: eat, make dinner, do laundry.



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