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Y HALLO THAR. It has been five months since my last journal entry. O_O And since I slept all day and therefore cannot sleep now - when it is dark and all of the non-vampires are sleeping - I decided a quarter till one would be a GREAT time for a McGee New Year. That's like a regular new year, except you just pretend its a new year so you can make resolutions. :p

Tonight I'm making a pact with myself that I will post more often to this journal. I really need to learn how to communicate in more than 144 character increments, acronyms, or hilarious internet memes. I haven't written anything decent in so long and I'm hoping that at least committing to a damn journal entry once a day will get the juices flowing again, so to speak.

I've been doing a lot of thinking lately about why I'm so unhappy all the time and the question keeps coming up, what would make me happy? What does make me happy? And I don't know. I really don't.

So I'm asking you. What makes you happy?
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