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As much as I just really hate this show (and Sookie), I can't wait until it comes back on. O.o I need Eric back on my screen!  I CAN'T HELP IT, OK. Skarsgard just oozes sex and resistance? Is futile.Plus, I don't want to SLAP Sookie so much when she's around Eric.
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4. joedoone: Did Alexander Skarsgard really keep an officer-like distance from the actors playing the other ranks during the making of the series? If so, I hope you gave him a bit of stick about it.

JR: Haha ... I love this one. Yes, he kept his distance from us, but for two reasons that aren't as highbrow as they're made out to be. The first being that the shoot itself was really intense, six-day work weeks with a lot of coverage, and Alex was in almost all of the scenes. So we would shoot all day, from dawn until dusk, and he would go back to his hotel to prepare for the scenes the following day. This was because Alex has a Swedish accent and he wanted it to be as authentic as possible. The other reason he quarantined himself from the rest of us was because when he did go out, he was the wildest party animal I have ever seen. The two occasions we went out, Alex sang the Swedish football anthem and tried to fight an entire town. After that I was like, "Yeah dude, I get why you won't hang out with us, if you get killed or go to an African prison, the producers are gonna be pissed."

OH, SKARS. I love that goddamn Swede. I see rps in my future.
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I'm having a liiiiiiittle trouble finding a layout that exists in this UNIVERSE that agrees with me. So I MIGHT have changed my layout a hundred billionty times today. Sometimes I get this way, sorry. =/





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