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Chopped mah hair off today. I don't know how many inches. Many, I suppose. It was touching the small of my back when it was down. Sometimes I go a long time between hair cuts. So this time I got choppy layers and I LOFF it. And I might be dying it black tonight & my hair is already a daaark dark dark brown, so it won't be much of a change, but whatever.

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Crappy webcam pictures are crappy. Umm. Sorry for the cleavage, tambien.

In other news, internet time has been scarce for me lately because of assorted things happening in real life. I feel like I've been living at my kids' school and only visiting my home rather than the way it should work. I had to talk to the principle and bus driver about an incident that happened where an older kid "made" my 5 year old and another little boy her age kiss on the school bus. So I had to deal with that and get that taken care of. Also dealing with: the suggestion that my seven year old may have Aspergers. Or she just might be a weirdo. Or possibly a tiny genius. Or idk, my clone. Conference with her teacher on Friday to discuss some things about that. Doctor's appointment tomorrow because today she screamed during class saying her ear hurt and is running a fever. Adkfjd;lakdfjlkd

ALSO I'm attempting to lose weight/be more active/generally live a healthier lifestyle, so after doing a bit of cardio, walking in the afternoon, going to the school, and cooking (did not do so much of that before lols) that doesn't leave much time for piddling about on the internets.

All in all, I am fucking proud of myself for actually, ya know, DEALING with all this shit. I'm dealing with it, ya'll. I'M DEALING LIKE A BOSS. They should hand out awards or something.

And now I go help my sister make baby shower invitations for someone I don't know. There should be a class I can take on how to say NO.
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 So like, apparently this week wasn't done curbstomping the SHIT out of me.

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Note to self,

When you are away (from the computer), the children will play.  

My new Twitter list, compliments of my 4 year old. It almost looks like the name of a volcano. 

Face. Palm.

re: lulz

May. 13th, 2010 05:11 pm
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LOL so I'm having a little pre-finale finale marathon while I clean house and fix dinner (ie stare at my stack of take-out menus) and AHBL part 1 is up.

"I'm the one that's going to have to ride in a car with your extra onions."

GRIN. "Bring me some pah!"

But that's not the best part.

The best part is when my 7 year old looks up from the computer game she's playing and goes, "Mom, why didn't Sam bring Dean any pie?"

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I'm weird, and I have kids, so my kids? Weird.

These are pretty crappy/phone quality, but you know. Still funny. "On the Rise" is her favorite, but she kept lifting up her shirt and flashing people in that one, so no. O.o



So yeah. There's that.
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Today I became the mother of a five year old. HOW IN THE CRAP DID THAT HAPPEN.

She wants a Komodo Dragon for her birthday. Tomorrow my mom, my sister, and I are taking the girls to the Silver Screen to see Kung Fu Panda, then to Marble Slab for ice cream. She's having a pool party on Sunday.

she's a KID now. Not a baby, not a toddler, a CHILD. phwoar. )



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