Feb. 24th, 2010

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So I haven't posted in a while, mainly I just haven't been feeling very fannish I feel like ya'll don't want to know about the mundanity of my life. >_>

This is just...I don't care if anyone reads this, I just had to post it and jump up and down and scream in rage about it or something.

Lawmakers said that they sympathized, but that women should have to report they were raped if they want the abortion covered by insurance.

“You’d have to have a report that someone stole your car,” said Rep. Steve Brunk, a Bel Aire Republican. “This is kind of the same thing.”

Being raped is totally JUST LIKE HAVING YOUR CAR STOLEN. I should just STFD and STFU then.


In less rage-until-you-vomit news, what the fuck is up with the hugenormous ads at the top of my journal? I don't have a paid acct right now, but seriously? That big? Jesus.

Also, does anyone use anything else besides photobucket that's like photobucket? Its been giving me probs lately.

And in fannish news:

1. Still love Supernatural, SamnDean forevah.

2. Still love White Collar. Kind of more than ever. How is this show REAL? Its like a fangirls dream come fucking TRUE.

3. New show: Dexter. LOOOOVE ITTTT.

4. Saw Boondock Saints II. OMG!

5. I can only think of 4.

Hit me.



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