Apr. 10th, 2010

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Oh good, itaintrapeif is a trending topic.
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Trying to exercise the (rusty so rusty omg) writing muscles today. I've nothing else to do and I'm feeling an inkling of creativity, so here goes nothing,

I Can Haz Prompts?

I'm going to start off just trying to drabble, 100-200 words. Just give a pairing and a prompt if you can think of one. Include a photo, a lyrics, whatever you like. I hope I can do this, I really miss writing. :)

Fandoms I can write in: Supernatural1, Generation Kill, White Collar, Band of Brothers2, Life, Jsquared, Joe/Nick.

1 - Just not Dean/Cas. :)

2 - Winters/Nixon is about the only thing I can write, even though I have many other ships. I could even do DLew/RLiv if lean that way.
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Today You Were Far Away
Sam/Castiel (with a little vague hint to Sam/Dean because duh otp)
1051 words
written for [livejournal.com profile] folkhore because.

You just walked away / and I just watched you / What could I say

... )



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