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 So like, apparently this week wasn't done curbstomping the SHIT out of me.

I dropped my girls off at school this morning and her teacher takes me aside to tell me how she doesn't think Dylan is progressing socially, that she just doesn't get how kids work, basically.  And apparently she tattles too much. Not in the way that most kids tattle (because they want to get other kids in trouble) but because she actually feels like the kids are doing something wrong and that she needs to tell someone, and because she hasn't fully comprehended yet that this is just how other kids are. They say stupid shit and they do stupid things. She comes home and tells me how rude they are and yeah, she just doesn't get why they act the way they do. I'm sure that's probably annoying for the teacher, but seriously, fuck off.

I mean. I didn't mean that. Maybe I did, I don't know. This is all my fault.

AND THEN. You thought I was done? SO DID I. Ten o'clock I get a phone call from the school calling me to come pick her up because they're experiencing a headlice outbreak in her class. HAPPY HAPPY MOTHERFUCKING JOY. 


Deep breaths. 

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