May. 31st, 2010

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Ngl, I laughed embarrassingly hard at this scene. There might have been tears.


eta: Unrelated, but I am having SUCH issues with my laptop. Apparently my battery in it is dying or something, because it will not hold a charge if its not plugged in. It lasts like, five-10 minutes then kapoof. And NOW there's apparently something fubar'd with my power cord too or possibly the plug-in bit where it plugs into my laptop, because if I dont have it sitting in just the right position, it won't charge. So here I am, sitting in my chair with my back all stiff because I don't want to move too much, else my computer will die. I have no idea why I'm telling any of you this, so I'll stop now. But if I drop off the face of the earth (ie the internet) you'll all know why. 
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Three Things Brad Knows About Ray That No One Else Does
1467 Words
Brad/Ray teenage/bff au thing
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Thank you. Thank you Veterans, thank you men and women, mothers and fathers, sisters and brothers, serving at home and overseas, protecting our country and our freedoms. Thank you.



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