May. 30th, 2010

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Brad: Anybody remember Recon Marines are swift, silent, deadly?
Ray: What about swift, silent and stoned if we could get some hash and…
Brad: What-why do you always say that stupid shit?
Ray: What?
Brad: You don’t even do drugs.
Ray: Well how do you know?
Brad: You were on the debate team in high school.
Ray: So…
Brad: Nobody on a debate team ever does drugs or gets laid.
Ray: I just don’t see the facts on which you’re basing your argument on.
Brad: We all know you didn’t lose your virginity until after Afghanistan.
Ray: Oh jesus christ.
Brad: The whore in Australia.
Ray: (sputtering)
Brad: Yeah but did you now?
Ray: Brad, she was a European African woman.
Brad: A European African woman? No, she wasn’t. She was one of those big angry drunk women in the street in Perth selling boomerangs and playing didgeridoo.
Ray: Brad, BRAD, those just aren’t the pertinent facts, alright? We’re having a fucking professional debate here. Besides, she just grabbed me when I came out of the bar. It’s not like I asked her.
Brad: Look, even if you’re claiming you were raped, the fact stands, you were a virgin until we got back from Afghanistan.
Ray: What about you, Brad? Some little, pointy-headed Stewie baby raking the shag carpeting in your fucking family’s living room.
Brad: Stop it, Ray.
Ray: FATHAH! MOTHAH! WHERE IS MY CARPET RAKE! I’m a young Bradley Colbert, a lonely freak with no friends whose sole pleasure is raking the carpet in my motha and fatha’s house!
Brad: Ray, RAY, that is not even relevant —
Ray: Brad, Braaad, listen. You used to rake the fucking shag carpet in your parent’s house when you were a kid. You used to rake it so that all of the fibers would go in the same direction. That is TOTALLY type-A OCD behavior, by the way, it’s just fuckin’— it’s kinda pathetic.
Ray: The point is, Brad, you look so fucking cute when you are angry.
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Um okay, so um. Hi! To everyone that has friended me lately from Justified/Generation Kill/The Vampire Diaries fandoms. As you can see from what I just said, I've got a pretty broad range of fandoms that I dip into and lately, my fandom ADHD has been off-the charts scary, even for me. Its easier when its tv season and all my shows are on, I can concentrate. But now that its summer I'm bouncing off the walls waiting for True Blood and White Collar and Leverage, oh my! And I'm just all over the place.

So the point of all that was to tell you that everyday is Defriending Amnesty Day around these parts. If you friended me just for just, say, GK fic and I don't write that or even talk about it for six months, you are more than welcome to take me off your reading list. I am assured that my taste are odd, varied, and perverse at times. Also, I am 100% a slash girl, so if that's something that offends you, this is not the journal you are looking for.

HEY! Let's do a meme! Because I've got new people to play with an its raining outside when I should be going to the grocery store, but I don't feel like getting out in it, and I just feel like doing some fannish rambling anyway.

Pick one of my icons from my userpics and I'll ramble at you about it in the comments.



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