May. 28th, 2010

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Oh man, how did I not know about these?

Kiwiberries, called also Baby Kiwis – are variety of small, hairless kiwi fruits.
They taste almost the same like large kiwi fruits, their taste resembles also taste of white gooseberries. Similar also to gooseberries, kiwiberries skin is edible. They are size of large grapes what makes them perfect fruits for lunchboxes.

Epic! Do Want!
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Okay. So this is like. It sucks. But at least I know that?

That Kinda Evenin'
Dep. Tim Gutterson
1294 words
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Did ya try flirtin? )


May. 28th, 2010 08:37 pm
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There comes a time in every Texan’s summer when they eat their first Honey BBQ Chicken Strip sandwich from Whataburger, and tonight was my night. You can see where I solidified my street cred for ordering it on Texas Toast instead of a bun. I feel sorry for all of you that don’t get to enjoy this greatness. If you come visit me from out of state I’ll buy you one :)
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Substitute Texas with Florida and PRETTY FUCKING MUCH. BBQ sauce dripping down my chin and I don't even CARE, you guys. UNF. So good.
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Go watch this video. RIGHT NOW. I don't caaare if you don't watch White Collar, lol. JUST DO IT. Fuuuck its so pretty. Gosh, this video makes me so excited for new WC! OT3 FTW!

Note: My fandom self surely is leaning on the polyamorous side of things lately. Hmms.



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