May. 15th, 2010

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Not Really But Maybe Supernatural Season Finale Spoilers Below, Just Saying.

OKAY OKAY. I'm preeeeeetty sure my brother doesn't even KNOW what he just said, but we just had this conversation. At yes, 1:30 in the morning.

Him: So who was God's vessel?
Me: Chuck. The internet says so. If you read it on the internet, etc etc.
Him: Huh.
Me: Haha, this says that the Impala is Dean's vessel. *laughs*
A few seconds...
Him: You know what I thought of when you said that? When Sam was the car. Heh.
Me: O_O Haha, uh. Yeah. Haha.

Also, I have him addicted to TVD. Last weekend I put on an episode that I liked to see if he was going to be into it, and we ended up staying up until 4 am watching. He didn't say much, but then when he came over Wednesday to get me to put Justified on a jump drive for him so he could take it and watch it at home he was like, "And uh, put any Vampire Diaries on there I haven't seen.". He's such an odd little straight boy. 
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 So, I'm finally coming to terms with the finale. It feels...Idk. It feels like a messy break-up. First you're in shock, then you're angry, then you're sad. Then you move on. I think, maybe, this is me moving on. Except I'm still going through the sad part seeing as how I cried THREE separate times while writing this. So lame.

Six Times Sam and Dean Sleep In the Impala, Not Always Together
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