May. 3rd, 2010

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Meme time, bbs. Tagged by [ profile] shiplessheathen . Leave a comment and I'll pick six of your icons and you can do the same! If you're bored like me and want something inane to do, anyway. :p


Jared, my BAAAAAAABY. Aka Jared Followill, aka the bass player for Kings of Leon, brother to Nathan and Caleb, cousin to Matthew. Aka prettiest boy. Once said: "Well we're at the top of the food chain, we must be delicious."


Dean Winchester: Regina George.  "Stop making this about you. I'm the one that got sent to hell hit by a bus." 


This is the gayest picture of Jensen I have ever seen. This coming in a close second. Yes, I do think Jensen is a homosexual. Have you seen his cuticles?


I MISS THIS SO MUCH. D: The muuuuuusic. The kicking ass. The "we are so screwed." Oh man. So much love. Why do I find kevlar so hot? 


His hair is a force of nature. He is not and has never been under 17 year old. He thinks his brother is retarded and wonderful and I kind of can't wait for the day he gets arrested in a Walgreens or something.


OH CHARLIE CREWS, YOU WILL ALWAYS BE MY BOYFRIEND. "I'm zen...ish."Looking so good in your nice pants and your kevlar (see, there it is again) with your pretty, pretty angst and pulling a blade on that guy that one time, and having a little freak out about the prison experiment at that collage and, "I'm thinking about where we're going next," and "I think I'm going to need a bigger gun." And buying purple lacy panties for Dani and DANI WEARING THEM.  Also:

Charlie: "The woman at Opticals told me that with the shape of face you have you should be wearing these frames. Put them on."

Dani: "How does she know the shape of my face?"

Charlie: "I described you." 




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