Apr. 29th, 2010

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Don't know who Kings of Leon are/don't care? SORRY. I'm going to talk about them/spam the hell out of them anyway. And [livejournal.com profile] shiplessheathen is probably the only person who will even know what the hell I'm on about, but that's OKAY. And if someone just happens to say, PHWOO WHO IS THAT THAR SEXY BASS PLAYER? Well, that'd be all right too.

And if you're thinking JFC, random much? You're not wrong. But also, I wrote fic. So there's that! And I've been wanting to paste their pretty faces in my journal for like, a year now anyway. This is not at all the epic post I wish I was making, just a "put a name to a pretty face" sort of post, in case anyone actually reads this. Haha. I should go to bed. Whatevs.

Well, they compare us to everything from Lynyrd Skynyrd to gay men who live in the same house together wearing moustaches. )

Time On Me Is Wasted
1442 words
They can drink the same exact amount, stumbling into each other and throwing around four letter words, yet Nathan always has the better reflexes, better coordination, Caleb just a rag doll beneath his fist and feet.
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 Some Generation Kill fic/drabble/commentfic type things I've written lately.

Nate/Brad - dirty talking about Ray
1236 words
all porn
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Brad, Ray, a baby in Iraq
kid!fic, well sorta not really
360 words
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HEY. So. Just watched Supernatural and instead of my usual response post, have a CODA!

LOL Idek. I just sat down to write my review and accidentally wrote this.

Untitled Drabble Coda for 5.20 The Devil You Know
592 words

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