Apr. 27th, 2010

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Um, so I watched Skin last night and went a little crazy. It is SUCH a good YAY BROTHERS episode with just the right amount of WINCHESTER ANGST and pretty boys with GUNS and pretty much why I fell in love with this damn show. Skin may very well be THE episode that really got me into the show and made me see how epic Winchesters could be. The verdict is still out, but this episode is definitely coming out on top.

So anyway, I was bored and put together this kind of ridiculous picspam with quotes and stuff. Its like...so many pictures. Ridiculous. But pretty, pretty boys. FIGHTING. Enjoy.

OMG Dean's taking his shirt off! OMG he's taking his SKIN off! )
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Lost Myself In a Familiar Song
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Coda to Hookman. I'm so NOSTALGIC lately. *shrug*
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I don't get it. I mean, this is in no way a new thing. Since the beginning of time (or at least mcdonald's) I'm pretty sure they've practiced the whole "Is that for a boy a girl?" And ever since I gave birth to the latter, I've had to grit my teeth and say I'LL HAVE THE LEGOS/HOT WHEELS/TRANSFORMER TOY KTHX. And I've had to deal with my little one having a icky confused look on her face and instead deciding she wants the girl toy, which is usually a piece of crap "purse" or bracelet or some shit she could eternally care LESS about. But she is a girl, so she should want the toy for girls, right?

I guess this might be different because its not like they're giving you a generic choice between a doll and a car, they're actually splitting up the Iron Man toys into two sections, but I'm pretty damn sure this isn't a first either. I'm not positive, but I'm pretty sure I remember some cartoon movie a year or two ago that gave out boys and girls type toys.

I mean, it sucks. Trust me, it fucking blows. I have to deal with this and the fact that my six year old is growing up and doesn't want to wear the cool t-shirts from the boys section anymore because they don't fit her. Still, she looks at them longingly as we pass by and says, "Look at that dinosaur shirt!" or "Hey, that shirt has lego batman on it!" But when I ask her if she wants it, she says, "Do they have girls batman lego shirts?" And you know what I have to say.

Now I mean, I get it. Boys and Girls are different. They're always going to be. But do we have to perpetuate the stereotype from birth, when most kids get their first happy meal? >_< How the hell is there any chance of equality when we shove PRINCESSPRINCESSPRINCESS down every toddling two year olds throat and TOOLSTRUCKSDIRT at little boys as soon as we see that little blurb on the ultrasound screen that means penis.

Having said all this, I don't care if my kid plays with barbies. My four year old is obsessed with playing dress up and brushing her hair. I just hate stereotypes and I hate shit like this because it makes me realize we're never going to escape them and that...that's just a fucking depressing thought.



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