Apr. 23rd, 2010

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What the hell.

My six year old just walked in the living room where I am at 2:23 am and says to me, "Mom. I'm bored."

I don't even.  
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You all saw the eyefucking that was going on in the hotel's diner, right?

... )
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He's a death dealing warrior, so high on fucking ripped fuel and lack of sleep that he can't shut up and he won't - unless Brad asks him too. A stove BLEW UP in his fucking face, okay? He's an angry little pit bull Recon Marine that makes MRE cookies and can't even eat fucking ravioli without looking like a retard. HE WAS ON THE DEBATE TEAM IN HIGH SCHOOL AND WHEN HIS BAND OPENED UP FOR LIMP BIZKIT THEY FUCKIN' SUCKED. He's an idiot and a hick and he's got a mouth that would make the devil blush, and I love him for all of those things and more. He's Corporal Ray Person and he loves his Brad more than life. And that, my friends, is why I love him.



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