Apr. 6th, 2010

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Oh God, no. No no no no no. This? Stories like this? Is why I don't trust people with my children. I understand that that's a very extremist way of thinking, but okay. I'm okay with being extreme when it comes to my kids. Some children are FATALLY allergic to nuts. What if she had killed that poor little boy because she, THE SPECIAL EDUCATION TEACHER, didn't feel like dealing with his special needs? I. Just don't know anymore.
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I want one of these. The kid, not the Twilight book. I just want one, okay? His accent! His haircut! He's such a joy!


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Fuck Yeah, Southland and Justified tonight!

If this is the last episode of Southland, I just don't know. Why do I have to love shows that are doomed. :(



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